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Hampton Court Palace Gardeners' Hut

As part of a wider garden project we were tasked with providing a mobile unit to let visitors know about the day to day work of the garden teams at Hampton Court Palace. We commissioned a traditional shepherds' hut to house a mini exhibition to get a behind the scenes glimpse of over 500 years of gardening at the Palace. Visitors are welcome to browse through the many fascinating drawers, explore some of the more unusual tools and to read the graphics printed on the timber walls. The shepherds' hut was built using traditional materials and methods and is due to move around the gardens to enable the gardens team to share their unique story with the public.

The hut features slot in panels in the door for the team to update on a daily basis, bespoke cabinetry drawers containing some of the weird and wonderful items collected by the Historic Royal Palaces team including samples of melon seeds, a sand martin's nest and a parakeet skull! We've even reappropriated some garden sieves to use as light fittings.